Spiritual Causes for Pseudo Seizures: An Energy Perspective

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Spiritual Causes for Pseudo Seizures is more than just a topic—it’s a deep exploration into the intersection of energy and health. When we discuss Spiritual Causes for Pseudo Seizures, we delve beyond the surface, seeking holistic explanations. In this blog, understanding the Spiritual Causes of pseudo-seizures will offer transformative insights from an energy perspective. Dive in to unravel the mysteries.

Spiritual Causes for Pseudo Seizures: An Energy Perspective by Dr. Madhu Kotiya

Table of Contents

Brief Overview of What Pseudo Seizures Are

Pseudo seizures, or “psychogenic non-epileptic seizures” (PNES) as they’re medically termed, present a fascinating intersection between the physical and psychological realms of our well-being. Unlike traditional epileptic seizures that stem from abnormal electrical activity in the brain, these seizures have no neurological origins. Rather, they are a manifestation of underlying psychological factors. It’s not uncommon for individuals experiencing them to display convulsive behaviors, unresponsiveness, or even blackout episodes, much like epileptic seizures. However, their genesis is often rooted in heightened emotional states, be it from stress, unresolved trauma, or significant emotional disturbances.

The Importance of Understanding Them from a Spiritual and Energetic Perspective

To genuinely comprehend the phenomena of pseudo seizures, one must adopt a broader, more holistic view. While our modern medical paradigm excels at diagnosing and treating physical ailments, it sometimes falls short in weaving together the intricate tapestry of body, mind, and spirit. This is where the spiritual perspective gains prominence.

Every person is not just a physical being, but also an energetic entity. Our auras, chakras, and energy flows, often discussed in various spiritual doctrines, have a profound influence on our overall well-being. From this lens, pseudo-seizures might not just be a mere physical or psychological occurrence. They could be a manifestation of deeper spiritual or energetic imbalances.


Pseudo Seizures: The Medical Perspective vs. The Spiritual Perspective

A Brief Description of the Medical Understanding of Pseudo Seizures

The Definition:
Pseudo-seizures, labeled as “psychogenic non-epileptic seizures” (PNES) within the medical community, are episodes resembling epileptic seizures but lack the characteristic abnormal electrical brain activity.

The Triggers:
Unlike epileptic seizures, PNES often stems from psychological triggers. Factors like acute stress, past traumas, and significant emotional upheavals can lead to their manifestation.

Diagnosis and Treatment:
Diagnosis usually involves distinguishing PNES from epileptic seizures. Video EEG monitoring, where a patient is observed having a seizure while being recorded on an EEG, is a common tool. Treatment often involves cognitive behavioral therapy, addressing underlying emotional issues, and sometimes, medications.

Introducing the Spiritual Perspective and Its Cruciality

Spiritual Energy and Its Interplay:
Our existence isn’t merely physical. We are beings of energy, connected to the universe and each other in profound ways. Our auras, chakras, and life force (often referred to as ‘prana’ or ‘chi’) dictate our energetic health.

The Concept of Energetic Blockages:
Spiritual traditions believe that blockages or disruptions in our energy flow can manifest as physical or psychological symptoms. Imagine a river blocked by debris; the water’s flow gets disturbed, causing potential floods. Similarly, blocked or misaligned energies might give rise to issues, possibly even pseudo-seizures.

Holistic Understanding:
While the medical perspective offers valuable insights into the physical and psychological facets of PNES, the spiritual angle dives deeper into the root causes. By integrating both, we can gain a rounded understanding, leading to comprehensive healing approaches that cater to the body, mind, and spirit.

The Psychic Insight into Pseudo Seizures

How a Psychic Might Perceive the Energy Disturbances Associated with Pseudo Seizures

Reading the Aura:
A psychic, attuned to reading energies, might first notice anomalies in a person’s aura. Auras, the energy fields surrounding us, can hold signs of disturbances, manifesting as discolored patches or erratic vibrations.

Perceiving Energy Flow:
Just as water flows in streams, our energies course through specific pathways. A psychic could sense interruptions in this flow, indicating potential sources of physical or emotional issues, including PNES.

Sensing Foreign Energies:
At times, the presence of foreign or intrusive energies can lead to imbalances. Psychics may pick up on these invasive vibrations, suggesting external influences affecting an individual’s well-being.

The Role of Past Traumas, Spiritual Blockages, and Energetic Imbalances

Echoes of Past Traumas:
Traumatic events, even those from past lives, can leave energetic imprints. These imprints might manifest as pseudo seizures, especially when triggers in the present resonate with past traumas.

Spiritual Blockages and Chakra Misalignments:
Each individual has energy centers, known as chakras. Blockages or misalignments in these chakras can disrupt one’s overall energy flow. For instance, blockages in the heart chakra due to unresolved grief might manifest as physical symptoms, potentially even pseudo seizures.

Energetic Imbalances and Their Outcomes:
Harmony in our energy fields is pivotal for well-being. When imbalances arise, due to internal conflicts or external influences, they can manifest in various ways, with pseudo-seizures being one potential manifestation. Recognizing and addressing these imbalances is key to holistic health and healing.

Wiccan Beliefs and Their Connection to Energy Work

A Brief Introduction to Wiccan Beliefs About Energy, the Universe, and Healing

The Web of Connection:
Wiccans believe everything in the universe is interconnected through a vast web of energy. Every being, object, and thought has its unique vibration within this web.

Nature and Energy:
At the heart of Wiccan beliefs is a profound respect for nature. Nature extends beyond just tangible elements like trees and animals; it embodies expressions of divine energy. Tapping into these energies can facilitate healing and foster spiritual development.

Healing Practices:
Wiccans often employ rituals, spells, and ceremonies to channel universal energies for healing purposes, aligning with nature’s rhythms and cycles.

The Triple Goddess and Her Influence on Our Spiritual Well-Being

The Maiden, Mother, and Crone:
Wicca venerates the Triple Goddess, representing three stages of a woman’s life: the Maiden (youth and new beginnings), the Mother (maturity and care), and the Crone (wisdom and endings).

Influence on Energy Work:
Each aspect of the Triple Goddess imparts specific energies. By invoking a particular aspect in rituals, Wiccans can draw upon those energies. For example, invoking the Maiden might aid in ventures that require fresh starts or rejuvenation.

Spiritual Guidance:
The Triple Goddess serves as a guide, helping practitioners navigate life’s challenges, transformations, and mysteries. By aligning with her phases, one can find balance and harmony in their spiritual journey.

The Principle of “As Above, So Below” and Its Significance in Understanding Energy Imbalances

Universal Reflection:
The axiom “As above, so below” underpins the idea that the macrocosm (universe) reflects in the microcosm (individual) and vice versa. Everything is a reflection of a larger or smaller reality.

Diagnosing Energy Imbalances:
By understanding this principle, Wiccans believe that disturbances in one’s personal energy can indicate larger cosmic imbalances and global or universal shifts can similarly affect an individual.

Restorative Practices:
With the knowledge of “As above, so below,” Wiccans engage in rituals to align personal energies with cosmic forces. By ensuring this alignment, they aim to correct and balance any energy disturbances, achieving a harmonious state of being.

Spiritual Causes Behind Pseudo Seizures

Negative Energy Accumulation and Its Effects on the Physical Body

Accumulation Source:
Throughout our lives, we encounter various situations and individuals that can impart negative energy. This can stem from stressful events, toxic relationships, or even self-deprecating thoughts.

Manifestation in the Body:
When negative energy accumulates, it can cause blockages in our energetic pathways. Over time, these blockages can translate into physical or psychological symptoms, with pseudo seizures being one manifestation among others.

Purging and Healing:
It’s essential to periodically cleanse and release these energies. Practices like meditation, energy healing, or grounding rituals can help in dispelling accumulated negativity.

Past Life Traumas, Karmic Ties, and Their Manifestation in the Current Life

Echoes from the Past:
Spiritual traditions often propose that our souls carry memories from past lifetimes. Traumas or unresolved issues from these lives can reverberate into our present existence.

Karmic Debts and Lessons:
Karmic ties refer to the spiritual debts we accumulate across lifetimes. They might manifest as challenges, relationships, or even health issues in the present life, including conditions like pseudo seizures.

Recognition and Resolution:
By accessing past life memories, often through regression therapy or meditation, one can identify and heal old traumas, thus alleviating their present-day manifestations.

External Influences: Negative Entities, Energy Vampires, and Psychic Attacks

Unseen Adversaries:
The spiritual realm is vast, housing both benevolent and malevolent entities. Some of these negative entities might attach themselves to individuals, draining or disrupting their energy.

Energy Vampires:
Not all threats are non-human. Some individuals, often unconsciously, drain others’ energies. Interacting with such “energy vampires” can leave one feeling exhausted or unwell.

Psychic Attacks:
Intentional harm sent through negative thoughts, curses, or targeted energy disruptions is known as psychic attacks. These can significantly impact an individual’s spiritual and physical well-being.

Protection and Safeguarding:
To counter these external influences, one must employ spiritual protection methods. These can range from shielding practices to employing protective crystals, or even performing rituals to ward off negativity. Regular cleansing and grounding exercises can also keep such adverse influences at bay.

Wiccan Healing Practices for Pseudo Seizures

Rituals and Ceremonies: Using the Power of the Moon, Elements, and Sacred Tools

Power of the Moon:
The moon, with its different phases, offers varying energies. New moons are for beginnings and setting intentions, while full moons are for release and manifestation. Rituals aligned with these phases can amplify healing intentions.

Invoking the Elements:
Earth, Air, Fire, and Water—each element brings unique energies. Incorporating them into rituals, whether it’s through candles (Fire) or incense (Air), can aid in balancing one’s energies.

Sacred Tools:
Athames, wands, pentacles, and chalices are essential Wiccan tools. Using them in ceremonies can help channel and focus energies for healing purposes.

Crystal Healing: Recommended Stones and Their Properties for Balancing Energy

Known for its calming properties, it aids in reducing stress and balancing the mind.

Clear Quartz:
A master healer, it amplifies energy and brings clarity to one’s intentions.

Black Tourmaline:
Renowned for grounding and protection, it wards off negative energies and is especially beneficial for those experiencing energy disturbances.

Rose Quartz:
Promotes self-love and emotional healing, making it essential for those recovering from traumas.

Herbal Remedies: Brews, Infusions, and Oils That Can Help Realign Spiritual Energy

A brew of chamomile can have calming effects, assisting in relaxation and emotional balance.

Its soothing properties make it ideal for oils and infusions, aiding in alleviating anxiety and inducing calm.

Often used for dream work and psychic protection, its infusions can assist in accessing deeper spiritual insights.

This herb can be used in oils to cleanse and protect one’s aura, making it useful for those feeling energetically vulnerable.

Protective Spells and Charms to Ward Off Negative Influences

Pentacle Charms:
A fundamental symbol in Wicca, wearing a pentacle can offer protection from negative forces.

White Light Shielding:
Visualizing oneself surrounded by a radiant white light can act as a shield from external negative energies.

Salt Circles:
Casting a circle with salt before any ritual or meditation can create a protective barrier, keeping negative entities at bay.

Binding Spells:
For those who feel targeted by intentional harm, binding spells can be cast to prevent any malevolent force or intention from causing harm.

Importance of Grounding and Energy Cleansing

Techniques to Ground Oneself and Maintain a Stable Energetic Field

Root Visualization:
Imagine roots extending from the base of your feet deep into the Earth. This anchors your energy, connecting you to the planet’s grounding forces.

Barefoot Connection:
Walking barefoot on natural surfaces like grass or sand can help absorb the Earth’s stabilizing energies, facilitating grounding.

Eating Earthy Foods:
Consuming root vegetables, such as carrots or potatoes, can have a grounding effect, aligning our energies with Earth’s nourishing vibrations.

Grounding Stones:
Crystals like Hematite and Smoky Quartz are known for their grounding properties. Carrying or meditating with them can help maintain a balanced energetic field.

Cleansing Rituals Using Salt, Smudging with Sage, and Visualization Practices

Salt Baths:
Taking a bath infused with salt, especially Himalayan or sea salt, can purify the aura, washing away negative energies.

Smudging with Sage:
Burning sage and allowing its smoke to envelop one’s aura or living space is a powerful cleansing method. The sacred smoke captures and dispels negativity.

Selenite Wands:
Selenite, a high-vibration crystal, can cleanse energies. Running a selenite wand around your body can clear energy blockages and refresh your aura.

Golden Light Visualization:
Imagine a shimmering golden light descending from above, passing through your entire being. Envision it flushing out all negativity, leaving you radiant and renewed. This practice not only cleanses but also reinvigorates your energy field.

Empowerment: Taking Charge of Your Spiritual Health

Emphasizing the Importance of Spiritual Self-Care and Self-Awareness

Recognizing One’s Power:
Each individual possesses an innate spiritual power. Recognizing and harnessing this power is vital for overall well-being and balance.

Listening to Intuition:
Our intuition, or inner voice, often signals when something is amiss. Regularly tuning in and heeding its guidance can be a proactive step in spiritual self-care.

Prioritizing Spiritual Health:
Just as physical health requires routine check-ups and maintenance, our spiritual health demands regular care, reflection, and realignment.

Daily Practices to Strengthen Spiritual Resilience and Ward Off Energy Imbalances

Morning Grounding:
Begin each day with a short grounding exercise, like the root visualization, to set a stable energetic foundation for the day ahead.

Meditative Moments:
Even a few minutes of daily meditation can enhance spiritual resilience, offering a chance to connect deeply with oneself and the universe.

Affirmations for Protection:
Repeating affirmations like “I am protected. I am strong. My energy is balanced” can set protective barriers and reinforce one’s spiritual strength.

Gratitude Journaling:
Writing down daily moments of gratitude can elevate one’s vibration, attracting positive energies and warding off potential imbalances.

Shielding Practices:
Before stepping out or engaging in potentially draining situations, visualize a protective shield around you, keeping negativity at bay.

By incorporating these practices into daily routines, individuals can fortify their spiritual defenses, ensuring they remain empowered and energetically balanced.


Reiterate the Importance of Understanding and Addressing Pseudo Seizures from a Spiritual Perspective

Beyond the Physical:
Pseudo-seizures, while manifesting physically, often have roots that extend into the spiritual realm. Addressing them solely from a medical perspective might overlook essential energetic imbalances.

Holistic Healing:
By integrating spiritual understanding and practices into the healing journey, individuals can target the root causes of these disturbances, ensuring a comprehensive approach to well-being.

Encourage Readers to Seek Guidance and Support, Emphasizing the Community’s Role in the Healing Journey

The Power of Unity:
Navigating the complexities of spiritual disturbances can sometimes feel overwhelming. However, remember that you’re not alone. A community, whether it’s fellow Wiccans, spiritual healers, or supportive friends, can provide invaluable guidance.

Lean on Wisdom:
Seeking the insights of experienced practitioners or elders can shed light on personal experiences, offering solutions and techniques that might have been previously unknown.

Strength in Numbers:
Together, as a collective, we amplify our healing energies. Sharing experiences, conducting group rituals, or simply being there for one another can exponentially enhance the healing process.

In conclusion, while pseudo-seizures may present challenges, they also offer an opportunity—a call to delve deeper into our spiritual selves, to seek balance, and lean on the strength and wisdom of our community. By doing so, we pave the way for holistic healing and enduring spiritual harmony.


The content provided in this blog is intended for spiritual guidance and exploration purposes only. It should not be construed as professional medical advice. We strongly recommend consulting with a licensed medical practitioner for any health concerns. Our insights are not a replacement for, nor should they be considered superior to, expert medical advice. Always continue with treatments and medications as prescribed by your healthcare provider. The reader assumes responsibility for any actions or decisions made based on the content of this blog.

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