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In the realm of spiritual healing, “Cut the Ties That Bind: Spiritual Cord Cutting” stands as a profound practice for achieving emotional and spiritual freedom. This process involves severing the invisible yet potent ties that bind us to people, places, or past experiences. Through “Cut the Ties That Bind: Spiritual Cord Cutting,” individuals reclaim their energy and autonomy, stepping into liberation and renewal.

Cut the Ties That Bind: Spiritual Cord Cutting
by Dr. Madhu Kotiya

Table of Contents

The Journey to Self-Discovery and Healing

“Cut the Ties That Bind: Spiritual Cord Cutting” represents more than a ritual; it is a journey toward self-discovery and healing. Every cord severed brings individuals closer to their true, unburdened selves. This practice, deeply rooted in ancient wisdom, has become an indispensable tool in the modern spiritual counselor’s repertoire.

A Transformational Story

Let me share a transformational anecdote from my practice, while ensuring anonymity. A client, weighed down by a toxic relationship, was trapped in a cycle of low self-esteem and energy depletion. Despite no longer being physically close, the emotional and energetic ties persisted, hindering their personal growth. Through the journey of “Cut the Ties That Bind: Spiritual Cord Cutting,” we identified and severed these ties. The client’s subsequent sense of peace and empowerment was profound, showcasing the transformative power of cord-cutting in achieving emotional and spiritual liberation.

As we explore “Cut the Ties That Bind: Spiritual Cord Cutting,” remember this story as a guiding light towards the freedom and wholeness that await.


Understanding Spiritual Cords

The Nature of Spiritual Cords

Spiritual cords are energetic links that form between individuals and other entities, places, or experiences. These connections, often forged through strong emotional engagements or significant events, span across various traditions and cultures. From the perspective of many ancient wisdom traditions, such cords are seen as lifelines that carry energy between two points, acting as channels of spiritual and emotional exchange.

The Diversity of Connections

These cords can arise from a myriad of relationships and situations. From the deep bonds shared with loved ones to the fleeting connections made with strangers, each interaction has the potential to create a cord. It’s crucial to recognize that not all cords are negative; many are positive, fostering love, gratitude, and mutual support. However, it’s the cords rooted in fear, resentment, or unhealthy attachments that often require cutting, for they can drain personal energy and impede growth. Identifying the nature of these cords is the first step towards understanding which ties we may need to sever and which we should cherish and maintain.


The Impact of Unhealthy Cords

Draining Vitality and Well-being

Unhealthy cords can profoundly affect our physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. These negative energetic ties can lead to feelings of fatigue, unexplained sadness, or a pervasive sense of being emotionally drained. Physically, one might experience unaccounted-for pains or chronic fatigue, as if the body’s energy is being siphoned away. Emotionally, these cords can trap us in cycles of old emotions, preventing us from moving forward and experiencing the full spectrum of our feelings.

Obstructing Personal Growth and Energy Flow

Beyond the immediate impacts on well-being, unhealthy cords significantly hinder personal growth and the natural flow of energy within us. They act like blockages, preventing the free movement of energy that is essential for our spiritual development and emotional healing. These ties can keep us bound to past experiences, stifling creativity, confidence, and the ability to forge meaningful, new relationships.

Ripple Effects on Life

The presence of such cords can lead to a domino effect in various aspects of life. Relationships may suffer, as unresolved energies from past connections can influence how we relate to others, often in subconscious ways. Career and personal development might stall, as the energy required for progress and innovation is instead consumed by these parasitic ties. Even our capacity for joy and experiencing the present moment can be dulled, leaving us feeling disconnected from the richness of life.

By recognizing and addressing the influence of unhealthy cords, we can begin the process of reclaiming our energy and setting the stage for a more vibrant, fulfilling existence.


The Philosophy Behind Cord-Cutting

Esoteric Understanding from an Occultist Perspective

As an occultist, my approach to understanding spiritual cords delves into the mystical and esoteric realms of our existence. In this view, cords are not merely energetic links but are profound channels that carry the essence of our interactions and karmic exchanges. These connections, woven into the fabric of the astral plane, influence our journey through life and beyond. The act of cord-cutting, therefore, is seen as a ritual of profound significance, one that involves not only the severance of negative ties but also the reclamation and redirection of our personal energy. It’s a practice deeply rooted in the belief that by consciously managing our energetic connections, we can influence our destiny and elevate our spiritual evolution.

Emotional and Psychological Benefits from a Spiritual Counselor’s Perspective

From the standpoint of a spiritual counselor, the process of cutting cords is immensely therapeutic. It is an act of self-love and liberation that allows individuals to release the burdens of past relationships and unresolved emotions. This release can lead to significant emotional and psychological benefits, including increased self-esteem, emotional balance, and the capacity for forgiveness. The process fosters a deeper understanding of oneself and one’s patterns, encouraging personal growth and the development of healthier relationships moving forward. The liberation from these unhealthy cords also opens up the space for new, positive energies to enter one’s life, facilitating healing on all levels.

Together, these perspectives underscore the multifaceted significance of cord-cutting, highlighting its importance as a practice for those seeking to cleanse their energy and embrace a more empowered and spiritually aligned life.


Preparing for Cord-Cutting: A Holistic Approach

The Foundation of Self-Reflection and Meditation

The journey of cord-cutting begins with the inward steps of self-reflection and meditation. This preparatory phase is crucial for understanding the nature of the cords you wish to sever and aligning your intentions with your highest good. Begin by dedicating time each day to meditate, focusing on the areas of your life where you feel energetically drained or emotionally tethered. During these moments of quietude, ask yourself which connections no longer serve your well-being and spiritual growth. This process of introspection helps to illuminate the cords that are ripe for cutting, setting a clear intention for the ritual ahead.

Creating a Sacred Space and Selecting Tools

Creating a sacred space is essential for the cord-cutting ceremony. This space serves as a sanctuary, shielding you from external energies and enhancing your focus and intention. Choose a quiet area where you won’t be disturbed, and consider cleansing it energetically with sage, palo santo, or sound vibrations. Within this space, arrange objects or symbols that hold personal significance or are traditionally associated with protection and healing. These might include crystals, such as black tourmaline for protection or rose quartz for self-love; candles to represent the element of fire and transformation; and images or icons that resonate with your spiritual beliefs.

Additionally, prepare any tools you will use to symbolically cut the cords. This could be a pair of scissors, a knife, or even a strand of yarn or ribbon to represent the cords themselves. Each tool or symbol should be chosen with intention, reflecting your personal connection to the ritual and your broader practice of energy healing.

By thoughtfully engaging in these preparatory steps, you not only enhance the effectiveness of the cord-cutting ritual but also deepen your connection to the practice, ensuring that it is a meaningful and transformative experience.


Cord-Cutting Techniques

Diverse Methods for Different Needs

Cord-cutting can be approached through various techniques, each tailored to individual needs and sensitivities. Visualization and meditation are foundational, allowing for a gentle yet effective severing of cords. In these practices, one might visualize a cord being dissolved or cut by light, facilitating a release. For those drawn to ritual, incorporating elements such as candles, crystals, and written intentions can add depth and power to the process. Energy healing practices, including Reiki or the use of specific mantras, can also be effective, targeting the energetic layers directly and facilitating a deeper release.

Step-by-Step Guide to a Basic Cord-Cutting Ritual


Begin by cleansing your physical and energetic space. Light sage or palo santo to purify the area, and arrange your sacred objects and symbols around you.


Invoke protection by visualizing a shield of white light surrounding you, or call upon your spiritual guides or guardians for support. This step ensures that only positive energy can enter your space during the ritual.

Intention Setting:

Write down the names or situations you wish to release on a piece of paper. Clearly state your intention to sever these cords for your highest good. This can be done silently or aloud, reinforcing your commitment to let go.

Visualization and Meditation:

Close your eyes and meditate, visualizing the cords extending from your energy body. See them clearly in your mind’s eye, noting their color, texture, and where they attach to you.

The Act of Cutting:

Take your symbolic tool (scissors, a knife, or your hands) and, moving it through the air, visualize cutting each cord. As you do this, affirm your intention to release these ties, feeling the energy shift and the cords dissolve.

Cleansing and Sealing:

Once the cords are cut, imagine the areas where they were attached being bathed in healing light to cleanse and seal them. This step is crucial for healing and ensuring no unwanted energies can reattach.

Gratitude and Closure:

Express gratitude to yourself, your spiritual guides, and the universe for the healing that has taken place. Carefully dispose of the paper where you wrote down the names or situations, either by burying it, releasing it into a body of water, or burning it (safely), symbolizing the complete release of those energies.


Ground yourself after the ritual by eating something, spending time in nature, or resting. It’s important to nurture yourself, as energy work can be draining.

By following these steps, you can perform a basic cord-cutting ritual that is both effective and adaptable to your personal spiritual practice. Remember, the key to successful cord-cutting lies in your intention and the belief in your power to release these ties.


Integrating Other Practices for Enhanced Healing

Complementary Practices to Support Cord-Cutting

Enhancing the cord-cutting process and ensuring its lasting benefits can be achieved by integrating various complementary practices. Grounding exercises, such as walking barefoot on the earth, meditating with grounding crystals like hematite or smoky quartz, or practicing mindfulness, help stabilize your energy afterwards. Using crystals during or after the ritual can amplify healing; for instance, black tourmaline offers protection, while rose quartz fosters self-love and healing. Aromatherapy is another powerful ally; essential oils like lavender for relaxation and sage for cleansing can enhance the emotional and energetic release, facilitating a deeper healing experience.

The Importance of Ongoing Self-Care and Spiritual Hygiene

Maintaining the benefits of cord-cutting requires a commitment to ongoing self-care and spiritual hygiene. Just as one would maintain physical cleanliness, it’s essential to regularly cleanse your energy field. This can involve smudging with sage, taking salt baths, or using sound vibrations from bells or singing bowls to clear stagnant energies. Regular meditation and mindfulness practices can help you remain centered and aware of your energetic boundaries, making it easier to notice when unhealthy ties begin to form again.

Additionally, engaging in practices that fill your life with positive energy—such as gratitude journaling, spending time in nature, and pursuing creative hobbies—can reinforce your energetic resilience. By cultivating a lifestyle that prioritizes your emotional and spiritual well-being, you ensure that the freedom and clarity gained from cord-cutting continue to enrich your life.

In essence, integrating these practices into your daily routine not only supports the initial cord-cutting work but also empowers you to navigate life with a stronger, more vibrant energy field.


Testimonials and Success Stories

Finding Peace: Priya’s Journey

Priya, a software engineer from Bengaluru, struggled with lingering feelings of resentment and sadness from a past relationship. Despite her successful career, these emotions clouded her happiness. After a cord-cutting session, she reported feeling an immediate lightness, as if a weight had been lifted from her shoulders. Over the next few weeks, Priya noticed a significant shift in her mood and outlook on life, allowing her to embrace joy and peace that had been elusive for years.

Career Breakthrough: Rohan’s Transformation

Rohan, an aspiring writer from Mumbai, faced continuous rejections that left him questioning his path and worth. This cycle of doubt created energetic blocks that hindered his creativity and confidence. Following a series of cord-cutting practices focused on releasing these blocks, Rohan experienced a profound clarity and a surge in creativity. Within months, he published his first article in a major magazine, a testament to the power of releasing energetic ties that hinder personal and professional growth.

Emotional Liberation: Ayesha’s Story

Ayesha, a teacher from Kolkata, carried the burden of childhood traumas that affected her self-esteem and relationships. The emotional cords attached to these past experiences kept her from fully engaging in the present. Through cord-cutting, Ayesha was able to confront and release these ties, embarking on a journey of self-discovery and healing. She now speaks of feeling emotionally liberated, capable of forming healthier relationships and embracing her true self.

Reclaiming Joy: Vikram’s Breakthrough

Vikram, a business owner from Jaipur, felt drained by familial expectations and the pressure of running a family business. The stress had become a constant companion, leaving little room for joy. After engaging in cord-cutting to sever the ties of obligation and expectation, Vikram rediscovered his passion for his work and found balance in his personal life. His story highlights the transformation that occurs when one is freed from the cords of duty that no longer serve.

These stories, each unique yet bound by a common thread of transformation, illuminate the profound impact of cord-cutting. The practice offers not just a release from the past but a gateway to a future filled with possibility, growth, and peace.


What exactly is spiritual cord-cutting?

Spiritual cord-cutting is a healing practice aimed at energetically severing negative ties that bind us to people, situations, or past experiences. It helps in releasing emotional burdens and reclaiming your energy, promoting emotional and spiritual well-being.

How do I know if I need cord-cutting?

If you find yourself constantly thinking about a person or a past event, feeling drained or stuck emotionally and energetically, or unable to move forward in certain areas of your life, these may be signs that cord-cutting could benefit you.

Can cord-cutting affect the other person involved?

Cord-cutting focuses on releasing the energetic bonds from your perspective, allowing you to let go of negative emotions and attachments. It does not harm the other person but rather cleanses your energy field, promoting healing on your side.

Is cord-cutting permanent?

The effects of cord-cutting can be long-lasting, but it’s also a process that may need to be repeated. As we go through life and form new relationships or face new challenges, it can be beneficial to perform cord-cutting rituals as needed to maintain emotional and energetic health.

Can I perform cord-cutting on myself?

Yes, individuals can perform cord-cutting on themselves. Many find guided meditations, visualization techniques, and personal rituals effective. However, working with a professional can provide additional insight and support, especially for those new to the practice.

What should I expect after cord-cutting?

Post-cord-cutting, people often report feeling lighter, more balanced, and emotionally liberated. It’s common to experience a range of emotions as you process the release, so it’s important to practice self-care and give yourself space to heal.

How often can I perform cord-cutting?

There’s no set rule for how often you should perform cord-cutting, as it greatly depends on your personal experiences and the connections you wish to sever. Listen to your intuition and emotional state; some find it beneficial as a regular part of their spiritual practice, while others may only feel the need occasionally.

Can cord-cutting improve my relationships?

By releasing negative ties and the associated emotional baggage, cord-cutting can indeed pave the way for healthier relationships. It allows for clearer communication, boundaries, and a deeper connection with others by freeing you from past patterns and energies.

Through these FAQs, we aim to demystify the process of spiritual cord-cutting, highlighting its benefits and practical aspects to encourage those interested in exploring this transformative healing practice.



The Essence of Cord-Cutting

The practice of “Cut the Ties That Bind: Spiritual Cord Cutting” stands as a cornerstone for achieving emotional and spiritual liberation. This transformative journey allows us to sever the negative energetic ties that limit our potential, enabling us to reclaim our vitality and embrace a life of clarity and freedom. Throughout “Cut the Ties That Bind: Spiritual Cord Cutting,” we’ve delved into the importance of this healing technique, underscoring its role in cleansing our emotional palette and fostering a renewed connection with our essence.

Patience and Compassion

As you embark on the path of cord-cutting, it’s vital to arm yourself with patience and compassion. The process is not a one-time event but a healing practice that might need to be revisited as we grow and our lives unfold. It’s a gentle reminder of the continuous nature of spiritual growth, inviting us to approach each step with an open heart and a kind spirit.

Openness and Growth

The journey of cord-cutting is deeply personal and requires an openness to introspection and change. It’s about discerning which connections serve our well-being and which hinder our journey towards self-realization. By engaging in “Cut the Ties That Bind: Spiritual Cord Cutting” with mindfulness and self-love, we pave the way for healthier relationships, greater inner peace, and a fuller embrace of life’s possibilities.

Looking Forward

As “Cut the Ties That Bind: Spiritual Cord Cutting” becomes a part of your spiritual toolkit, let it guide you towards greater self-awareness and liberation. Remember, the path to healing is both unique and shared; while our experiences may differ, the quest for freedom and joy unites us all. May your journey be filled with transformative insights and a deepening of your spiritual practice, leading you to a place of profound peace and fulfillment.

Dr. Madhu Kotiya

Mind, Body & Soul Doctor

Psychic Medium, Paranormal Expert, Spiritual Counselor, Life Coach, Relationship Healer, Wiccan Spell Caster

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