Yearly Predictions for 2015 as per Zodiacs

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Tarot Predictions for Year 2015

(published in Pioneer in the first week of January

Tarot yearly forecast for 2015


This year you will learn to have balance and patience in all aspects of life, especially your health. You will learn to maintain a balance in your health. You will feel energetic whole year leaving some seasonal short term illnesses. You will experience stamina and good health to perform many things at one time. Career wise this year can prove to be a milestone if you continue learning and enhancing your technical skills. Your seniors and elders will be in your favour. There can be financial gain and promotion coming on your way by the mid of this year. This year you will use your logics and intellect in your emotional and love life. You will act like a critic and try to solve issues with your partner using logics and practicality. There can be a breakup if you see, situations not getting under control.

Tip of the year: Breath out all the imbalance by doing pranayam for 10 minutes everyday.

Affirmation for the year: I am open to all the good changes coming on my way to create happiness and abundance in my life.

Lucky Number:  5,9

Lucky color:  blue and green

Lucky day: Wednesday


Health will remain good this year but you will need frequent short breaks to rejuvenate yourself. Joining a nutritionist for your food guidance will be helpful as you need to be careful on your diet and exercise schedule. There can be a health issue of elder member in family which may bother you. You need to build confidence within you at your work. You have been lousy and unstable last year which has affected your output. This year be attentive and work with proper planning to get best results. You may decide to change the stream of your work completely and choose a different line of work. There will be a lot of love flowing in the air for you. Marriage is on the cards for you. You may also decide to come out of a lingering unhappy relationship and start afresh with the one meant for you.

Tip of the year: Listen to your inner self, all answers to your questions are hidden with in you. Spend time with your own self.

Affirmation of the year: I welcome the transformation coming to my life . I let go of all old attachments and beliefs from my system.

Lucky Number:  6 , 19

Lucky color:  yellow and red

Lucky day: Monday


Your health problems will find a solution this year and as the year passes you will feel more and more energetic. Be watchful of your impulsive decisions and try to slow down your pace. Too much of exertion can create health issues. Meditation can renew your mind, body and soul. You may learn some new techniques of meditating. You will be working very hard this year and try to reach to your goals. There are financial gains and recognition in your cards. Your wok will be appreciated more than your expectations. There can be change in job or deviation within your existing organisation. This year you will put more time and attention to your relationships with your partner, friends and family. Your efforts will create more love and harmony in your life and you will find everyone standing by your side. You may plan a long family holiday outside the country.

Tip of the year: Go slow, don’t jump into decisions fast. Try on alternative relaxation methods to relax your mind.

Affirmation of the year: I am happy and healthy in all ways. I attract only good for me.

Lucky Number:  7, 11

Lucky color:  Pink and golden

Lucky day: Friday


There can be health challenges for you this year. You need to go slow and thoughtful when choosing alternative methods of health improvement. Proper diet and exercise is a must for you. Don’t get worried; rather find solutions to your problems. Positive thinking can play a good role in your better health this year. Unexpected good news will come to you at your work this year. Some potential and strong person is going to support you and help you in reaching towards your goals. Dream big this year and you will see your dreams converting into reality. A profitable property investment is in the cards for you. If you are single, this year will bring your soul mate near you. A new and happy relationship is in the cards for you. You may decide to go for a life time commitment with your partner by the end of this year.

Tip of the year: Stick to homemade food and avoid fast food completely.

Affirmation of the year: I am healthy and strong. My body mind and soul are in balance and working together in a positive manner to create health and abundance for me.

Lucky Number:  3, 8

Lucky color:  Grey and brown

Lucky day:  Tuesday


Physical health will remain good and balanced this year but you need to keep an eye on your emotional health. You may feel low emotionally due to negative thinking patterns. Work on your thought process. Try taking help of some healer or spiritual counsellor. You may feel stagnated at your work in the beginning of the year as there you have already reached to the maximum at your existing organisation. You may switch job for good. There can be foreign travel related to your work. If you are looking for a stable job since long, this is the time for you to think different , you may venture into your own business and become self employed.  Nothing is certain in life, not even relationship. You may have to go through a break –up of long term relationship this year. There can also be a family celebration towards the end of the year.

Tip of the year: Stay grounded to let go of blockages. Salt water bathing will help you shed negativity.

Affirmation of the year : I am full of life, happiness is within me and I am creating positive vibes around me.

Lucky Number:  10, 18

Lucky color:  black and green

Lucky day: Thursday


You may experience ups and downs in health this year. Being preventing and alert can help you saving form falling ill. You need to work on your immunity system in the first quarter of the year so that you can remain healthy in the rest of the year. Work is stable this year. You may add a new creativity to work which will lead you towards new heights in your career. Your enemies at work may keep busy in their effort of defaming you but nothing will affect you as all your seniors and elder will stand by you. Love bells are ringing in your cards for this year. If you are single, be open to receive positive love energies in shape of soul mate. The new relationship will bring happiness and contentment in your life. If you have an existing relationship and facing problems in it, this year you find a solution to solve your relationship issues once for all.

Tip of the year: Avoid getting into unnecessary argument and watch your words before they are used against you.

Affirmation of the year: I am shielded and protected by my angels and spirit guide, only love can approach me. No negativity can break my shield of protection.

Lucky Number:  2, 11

Lucky color:  all shades of red

Lucky day: saturday


This year will bring new hopes and you will see your dreams coming true related to your health and body. If you have been trying to lose weight, this year you may find an entirely new way to shed your extra pounds. You may also get involved in meditations and yoga for creating more positivity in your thought process.  This year is going to be your learning year as per your career is concerned. You will learn from your mistakes and work hard on improving yourself. Your impulsive behaviour needs to be tamed so that you can take right decisions at your work. You need to take slow , steady and thoughtful steps to create success for you. You need to be cautious when getting into new love. You may end up choosing the wrong one. Avoid to get into a long term commitment this year. Take extra time in analysing all aspects if you are deciding for marriage.

Tip of the year: Learn to think and react. Only thoughtful actions are beneficial for you.

Affirmation of the year: I attract only positive people around me who will help and support me in my higher good.

Lucky Number:  3, 21

Lucky color:  Musterd and peach

Lucky day:  Wednesday


You need to watch over on your thought process to remain healthy this year. Negative thinking may manifest into long term illness. Meditate to relax and let go of negative thoughts.  You can create flow of energy and happiness within you if you wish and work towards it. There is a transformation coming in your career this year. You may change a long term job or may choose a different line of business all together. Your decision related to your work will give you positive result. You will experience success and appreciation of your efforts. Keep your eyes and ears open, the true love of your life is going to be around you and if you don’t recognise the same, you will lose the chance of getting best partner in your life. Your family members will be helping and supporting to you in all your decision.

Tip of the year : Listen to your inner self rather than following the people around me. No one can guide you better then yourself.

Affirmation of the year: Positive energies are flowing within me and i am attracting only good in health and other aspects of life.

Lucky Number:  4, 31

Lucky color:  Silver and pale blue

Lucky day:  Saturday


This year will bring pleasure and relaxation in your health area. You will enjoy best of your health and may plan for an entirely new health regime. You may achieve your health goals by the end of this year and feel very happy and satisfied.  Worries do not bring solutions to any problem, so start thinking logically at your work. You may feel insecurity in your job or whatever you do but giving is no solution, stand strong, this phase will be over by the September and you will find new opportunity coming your way after that.  You need to take some strong decision pertaining to your relationship. A long term relationship may reach to an end and will shake you up.  Take a short leave and spend time with yourself. Be very careful while getting into any new relationship this year.

Tip of the year: Learn to let go of anything which is not serving you good. Holding onto unnecessary people and things will block your way towards happiness.

Affirmation of the year : I am open to new transformations coming to my life. I believe in higher self and accept the blessings coming from divine.

Lucky Number:  5, 14

Lucky color:  royal blue and bright orange

Lucky day: Monday


You will be self motivated to achieve your health goals this year and will work towards them seriously. You will find alternative medicine solutions to your existing problems or discomforts. You may seek for a spiritual guide or teacher as you would like to enhance yourself more into spirituality. This year will bring difficulties, accomplishment and failures together in your career. So be ready for the ups and downs on your way. You may get involved in two jobs together to generate more fund and success.  This is a good year for relationships for you. If you are already in a relationship, it will become more stable and sweeter. Your partner will put all efforts for putting more meaning to the relationship. If you are single, you may get involved into a new and meaningful relationship.

Tip of the year: Be positive. Your innerself is guiding you right, listen to your inner voice.

Affirmation of the year: Abundance flows in all ways mean around me. I am balanced and reaching to new heights of life force.

Lucky Number:  16, 25

Lucky color:  Black and turque

Lucky day:  Thursday


This year you have to work hard for your better health. You have not taken it seriously since long and hampered your physical health. You need to learn to listen to your body calling and act upon it. Even small efforts towards better health will give good results. New opportunities in your career are waiting for you this year. You will have couple of options to choose from.  You may help the needy at your work place and feel peaceful about it. Prosperity and financial gains are in the cards for you. You will enjoy a successful journey at your work this year. You will be full of love energy and will find ways to express your love to the loved ones. Going on short holidays couple of times in the year is in the cards for you. Your family members will standby with you in all your decisions and difficult times.

Tip of the year: Health is money and happiness, take care of your health as you take care of your expensive belongings.

Affirmation of the year:  I allow the flow of positive energy within me to washout all the mental and emotional blocks to let go.

Lucky Number:  8, 44

Lucky color:  light shades of blue

Lucky day:  tuesday


You may experience low energy in the beginning of year as you have already used your energy in over exerting yourself. You need to take a fairly long break to rejuvenate yourself so that you can perform well in the rest of the year. There will be good news on your way at your work in terms of promotion or hike in salary. You will be recognized and appreciated by your seniors by your endless efforts to give the best results in your given projects. You may get a new job opportunity coming your way like a dream come true, as it will have all you wished for in a job since long. There will be harmony and bliss in all your relationships. You will spend quality time with your friends and family. There can be a good news coming in your family pertaining to a birth of baby or some other big celebration.

Tip of the year: Try creating balance between your work and family as both aspects of your life are needing equal attention and care.

Affirmation of the year : Nature is blessing me with its positive energy and my body and mind is utilising this positive energy in the right direction.

Lucky Number:  14, 33

Lucky color:  Maroon and dark shades of red

Lucky day:  Saturday

 20-(02)- Dec 28 2014

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